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Director: K.V. Anand

Producer: Jayaraman

Music Director: Harris Jayaraj

Starring: Jeeva, Ajmal, Karthika, Piaa Bajpai and others...

Tollywoodstuff Rating:3/5


Jeeva who is more known to Telugu audience as son of R B Choudary than the hero of movies like Dishyum Dishyum, E has tried his luck in Telugu once again through the movie Rangam which was released this week. Super good films presented the movie and RS Infotainments has produced the movie and rangam is directed by K V Anand. Karitka daughter of Radha has acted as the female lead in the movie ,Priya Bajpayee, Prakash Raj Kota Srinivas Rao have acted in the movie and music is by  Harris jay Raj . Richard M Nathan did the cinematography for the movie Rangam was already released in Tamil and was a super hit there and was dubbed in Telugu lets check the review of Rangam.


Ashvad( Jeeva) is a photographer for a newspaper called Neti Patrika and he always gives sensational news for the paper and increases its circulation.IN this course he gives a sensatinol news about a politician who plans to marry a minor girl and puts him behind the bars and he loves one of his fellow reporter Priya(Karteeka) refusing the love of another reporter Saro(Priya bajpai),and ashvad also puts the Chief Minister played by  Prakash Raj culprit before the public and at the same time a young leader establishes a party Yuva Rajyam and participates in the election and Asvad encourages Vasanth the young leader by giving good reports against him in the paper in the due course a bomb blast happens at the meeting of  vasanth and 30 members along with saro gets killed  in it and people make vasanth  Chief minister and after this Ashvad comes to know that saro was not killed accidentally and she was murdered and from here the movie takes twists and turns and ends up in a meaning full way.


Rangam to say in one line is that Media and Press can build up a government or even slash it to ground  if needed , is the director basic point , Anand who is a photographer by profession included his own life incidents in the movie but the cause shown for youth to come into politics is a bit away from reality but since movie is just a creative piece his attempt should be appreciated and the way he ended the movie is also very good cinematography, editing are very good and fights by Peter Hiens and Dances by Brunda Master are good and music by harris jay raj is very good to her and its a pleasure to watch them on the screen also.

Jeeva acted very well he involved in the character of ashvad he showed his ease in fights, dances and entertained the audience karteeka who was not seen after josh movie made a come back with a good character in the movie but she needs some more improvisation in acting,Prakash raj and Kota Srinivas Rao were as usual best and Ajmal who acted in the role Vasanth scored good marks as an artist.

Plus Points:

- Direction is the plus point of the movie
- High technical values
- Harris jay raj music especially nemali nadakalu song is very giid

Minus Points:

- Routine story
- Lack of comedy

Final Word:
We have to wait and see whether rangam clicks at the box office because of the typical formula and star image mind set of the Telugu audience which need to be changed  Rangam though very has to wait and see for the result because no matter how good the film is collections decides whether its hit or not.

                                                                                                          Review by P.S.RAM

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