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Kudirithe Kappu Coffee


Starring : Varun Sandesh, Suma Bhattachaya, Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao, Tanikella Bharani
Director :  Ramana Salwa
Music Director : Yogeswar
Producer : Shiva and Mahi

Tollywoodstuff Rating: 6.25/10

Below Average

Varun Sandesh is struggling to score a hit and come back into the limelight. He comes up as a confused young man in Kudirithe Kappu Coffee. Cinematographer Ramana Salva turns director with this film. Let us see how the film has turned out to be.


The story is about tow teenagers Venu (Varun Sandesh) and Lasya (Suma Bhattacharya). While Lasya has a clear cut idea about life and her goal, Venu is a confused young man who has no idea as to what he wants to do in life.

Venu is the only son of well off parents and they want him to find a goal in life and settle down. Venu gets disturbed when his close friend commits suicide after love failure. Venu makes up his mind that he will never fall in love and waste time in such pursuits.

Venus father owns Hill Side Coffee shop/resort in Coorg. He however has let the estate stay in the hands of his close friend�s mother Malathi teacher after his friend and his wife had passed away leaving a behind a young Lasya.

Venu agrees to go to Coorg and try to improve the business of the coffee shop. His father tells him not to reveal his identity.

Lasya has completed her hotel management course and now wants to go to Coorg and turn the Coffee Shop into a top class resort. Her grandmother is happy to see her and her plans for the coffee shop.

A wily Decent Mohan (Tanikella Bharani) owner of a seedy resort in the area eyes the coffee shop and plans to usurp it. Venu and Lasya meet at the coffee shop and then join hands to develop it.

In the process Lasya falls in love with Venu but he does not reciprocate. The two manage to make the coffee shop flourish but love is still one sided. Malathi teacher and Lasya learn that Venu is the son of the real owner of the estate.

One day Malathi teacher passes away and Lasya is almost orphaned. She then agrees to go to her uncles place. Venu does not react but just lets her go away. Venu goes back to his home and agrees to do what his mother wants him to do.

However Venu cannot forget Lasya and the rest of the film is if and how he manages to clear his misunderstanding about true love and ends the story on a happy note.


Varun Sandesh who has all these years sported a slight beard and a moustache appears for the first time clean shaven. The new look is not exactly good and he too seems to be a bit uncomfortable too. However he has improved a bit in dialogue delivery. The role does not give him much scope to show emotions and so there is no chance to evaluate him in that department.

Newcomer Suma Bhattacharya is fresh, bubbly and cute. She fits the role perfectly. However her make is inconsistent and while she looks great in some scenes, in other scenes she looks a plane Jane.

Tanikella Bharani fits the role of a wicket owner of a seedy resort perfectly. The actor who played the role of Malathi teacher too has done a decent job. Sivannarayana does a fairly good job and his pet dialogue Ee Vishayam Evariki Cheppoddu raises some laughter.


Kudirithe Kappu Coffee is not a run of the mill teenage love story. It is also not about poor boy, rich girl, love, parents opposition etc. etc. This is a different film that looks at the fears and confusion of a teenager.

The film has a simple storyline and the screenplay is also slow and sort of laidback. The film moves at a slow pace, as if one were not watching a film but watching life from a window as it passes by.

Director Ramana Salave who worked as cinematographer for Vinayakudu and its sequel however makes the film rich as far as visual content goes. He has managed to showcase nature and the landscape at Coorg perfectly.

Each frame from the film looks perfect like a picture postcard. Yogeswara Sarma, son of Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry makes his debut as music director with this film. He does a decent job.

The music as well as the background scores is adequate. He also allows the lyrics to be heard clearly and does not dominate them with is music but just lends some added attraction. Voice over by Seetharama Sastry on love in introduction scene is brief and apt. The song Athadilo Eedho Mathalabu Undi is good on the ears and has also been filmed well.


Kudirithe Kappu Coffee is an honest attempt at film making by Ramana Salava. He has tried to address the growing confusion and concern among teenagers and shows that love means responsibility and understanding and living for your partner.

The film will have a limited appeal as there is not much in it in terms of commercial elements to attract the youth in a big way. Still Ramana Salava must be commended for making a earnest attempt.

                                                                                                                               ........ Potluri ram

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